Инженерные и Прикладные науки Факультет

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Engineering is the application of science and mathematics to the solution of relevant problems in our society. The accelerating pace of industrial, environmental and technological developments has created an ever-increasing demand for highly qualified, professional engineers to maintain the momentum already achieved, and to extend and direct its course.

The complexities of today's environment are such that all resources must be used in the best possible manner. The School of Engineering and Applied Science, through its curricula, strives to educate and train engineers and experts in applied science who have the breadth of vision to formulate and solve the problems of today and the future. It is expected that a student who conscientiously applies himself or herself and successfully completes one of these broad engineering and applied science programs will be not only technically trained but also humanly and socially educated with management skills, and thus well prepared to make a significant contribution to the world in which he or she works.

The engineer's and related applied science specialist's responsibility can include many of the following:

• Conception of an idea including a careful definition of the problem;

• Design of an item or process, including operational and production requirements;

• Selection of equipment and materials;

• Determination of markets;

• Assessment of social effects and determination of methods for controlling these effects;

• Research in engineering and applied sciences;

• Control of costs.

The School provides education and research in the following main fields:• Computer Science;

• Computer Engineering;

• Petroleum and Gas Engineering;

• Civil Engineering;

• Electronics, Telecommunications and Radio Engineering.

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